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Monday, June 7, 2010

High School Reunion

Give me a H
Give me a E
Give me a N
Give me a S
What does it spell?

Hens, Hens, Hens

Well, 50 years ago I was graduating from Henryetta High School, in Henryetta, Oklahoma.
Our school mascot was the Fighting Hens!  (It was changed in the 80's to the Knights, but it will always be the Hens to those of us who graduated before then! )

On Wednesday I'm hopping on a plane and heading for Oklahoma to attend our Golden Reunion!  (I'm taking my mom with me to see that I behave myself! - She graduated from Henryetta High School in 1932 and my dad graduated in 1929! - They were both "Hens", too!) 

I was a cheerleader;  in the Junior and Senior Plays (Pride and Predjudice & Our Town); Girl's State representative; F.H.A.; Vice-President of our Senior Class.  If it sounds like I was an over-achiever, you must realize that Henryetta was a small town, and our graduating class had only about 90 students.(Including an exchange student from Holland.), plus in a small town there wasn't much else to do!!!!

I'm looking forward to getting to visit with friends that I've kept in touch with all those years, and with classmates that I haven't seen since then!  I'm sure we haven't changed much! 

Go Hens!

A white sports coat, and a pink carnation - dancing at the prom!

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