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Friday, June 25, 2010

Golfing in Paso

Our Club Championship tournament started on Thursday.  It's a 3-day tournament.  Clouds kept the temps down, and it was a very pleasant day to play golf.  My game was mediocre but two rather unusual and interesting events occurred.

#1  One of the gals in my foursome (Clare Shaffer, our club president) made a hole-in-one on #17 - a 172 yard par 3 hole.  It was her first hole-in-one!  We knew it was a very good drive, but didn't realize it went into the hole until we walked up and could not spot it on the green and peeked into the hole! 

#2  The 1st day leader, Helen Bourquin, shot an 85.  An impressive score, made more special by the fact that Helen is 85 years young!  I don't know how often that happens, but I don't think it occurs very often!

Congratulations to both Clare and Helen!

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Kath said...

My husband is playing tomorrow and the temps due to reach 30' which is a heat wave for us Brits! With his pink freckly Irish skin, he will burn if he is not careful. SOunds like you had a fab day,did the hole-in-one champ buy the whole club a lemonade? Yhe oldest player is Husbands society is also 85 and still has a powerful swing. Golf is obviously the secret of youth :D