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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time Flies

56 years ago we posed for this photo on the steps in front of Webster Elementary School in Henryetta, Oklahoma.  (I'm in the second row with the little bow-tie). 

Last Saturday these Webster graduates posed again on these steps leading up to the vacant lot where Webster once stood!  We lasted longer than the school did!

The Henryetta High School Class of 1960 had 85 graduates.  49 alumni showed up this last weekend to celebrate our 50th Class Reunion!  We came from North Carolina, New York, Washington, California, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and of course Oklahoma.  We came to reminise about growing up in the 50's when life seemed simplier and less complicated.   Some of us left, some stayed, but we all shared that special bond of being young during the 50's, and agreed that growing up in a small town during that time was not too bad!

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Kath said...

What a fabulous reunion that must have been, laughing about the scrapes you got into and making fun of the teachers :D