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Monday, January 31, 2011

Good-by January

I'll say adieu to January with a few photos taken over the last couple of days.

Some sunrise shots

 A stop at the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Park - there seem to be a number of names for a group of butterflies........ a swarm, a rabble,

a flutter, and my favorite.....
a kaleidoscope.

 And a couple of photos taken at Morro Bay on Sunday.

This Shillelagh has seen better days!


Hello, February!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunny California

Today California lived up to it's image "Sunny California"!  71 degrees - TL and I played 9 holes of golf in short sleeves.  Wish you could have been here!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I know, I know......California has earthquakes, mudslides, floods, forest fires, too many people, too high taxes......but......there's also some pretty awesome winter weather!  After church today we headed north on Highway 1 (otherwise known as PCH -  Pacific Coast Highway) to Cambria where we had lunch out on the patio at Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill.  The weather was lovely - 65 degrees, no wind, and sunshine! 

 Oysters Rockefeller for Mom

 And ham and cheese Monte Cristo with maple syrup for me!  Yum!

And mimosas.

 Then a little walk on the beach

 Beach Thing

2 Beach Things

Not a bad way to spend a sunny winter day!  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lunch and other things

Some weeks are just not very exciting, but fairly expensive.  For example - last week.  Tuesday: took the car into SLO for tune-up and also managed quick trips to Costco and Wild Birds; Wednesday: dentist appointment; Thursday: hair cut and color; back to SLO for a podiatrist visit; and finally Monday: a visit from the plumber.  $$$$$

I did manage to take a few pictures while I was doing all that running around and spending money!

 A blue heron looking for lunch

 A road running about to find a lizard for lunch

 Two otters lunching together in Morro Bay

 A zebra (who lives on a ranch near us) lunching on tree bark

And a sunset just because I like the colors. 

And speaking of lunch, we tried out a new barbeque place in Paso - smoked chicken with beans and cole slaw....pretty tasty!  (We passed on the fried pickles and friend green beans - maybe next time.)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Another rainy day.....after church, we drove over to Cambria for lunch at Linn's.  Couldn't resist a few beach/sea photos.

All the rain has really "greened-up" the countryside. 

And the oak trees are festooned with lacy lichen

Down one windy narrow road there is a tree that serves as a neighborhood directory

On River Road we spied a flock of turkey buzzards drying out their wings.

And it's still raining!  I'll bet our golf game will be cancelled on Tuesday!