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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lunch and other things

Some weeks are just not very exciting, but fairly expensive.  For example - last week.  Tuesday: took the car into SLO for tune-up and also managed quick trips to Costco and Wild Birds; Wednesday: dentist appointment; Thursday: hair cut and color; back to SLO for a podiatrist visit; and finally Monday: a visit from the plumber.  $$$$$

I did manage to take a few pictures while I was doing all that running around and spending money!

 A blue heron looking for lunch

 A road running about to find a lizard for lunch

 Two otters lunching together in Morro Bay

 A zebra (who lives on a ranch near us) lunching on tree bark

And a sunset just because I like the colors. 

And speaking of lunch, we tried out a new barbeque place in Paso - smoked chicken with beans and cole slaw....pretty tasty!  (We passed on the fried pickles and friend green beans - maybe next time.)


Kath said...

Lovely photos. I was interested to see you have herons in America. I see them most days, here on the Levels. There are 3, who are very territorial and stick to their own bit of the river

Kathy said...

A great group of lunch pics. Those otters are having some great conversation while dining I'm sure.

Anonymous said...
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