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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lawson Family Reunion

Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from Tom's brother John (who lives in Philadelphia), John's daughter Cary (who lives in New York), Tom's sister Phoebe (who lives in Silver City, New Mexico), and Phoebe's daughter Jenn, (who lives in Grover Beach, CA).  We had lunch outdoors at the restaurant at Hunter Ranch Golf Course.  Phoebe, Cary and Jenn are avid photographers, so there was a lot of "snapping" going on!

Cary and Jenn

 John, Tom and Phoebe


Cary and Jenn

We spent the afternoon at our house comparing ipads (there were 4), installing apps, bird watching (and taking photos of birds),   looking at old annuals and photos, and catching up.  Check out the link below to see one of Jenn's hummer photos.

 Jenn, Tom, John, Phoebe and Cary

Tom, John and Phoebe

Because family members are scattered all across the country, it's not often we're able to get together, so it was a special treat to be able to have 3 of the 4 Lawson kids together (along with 2 of their kids)!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Times They Are A'Changing

Last week we drove down to Santa Barbara and hopped on a Frontier plane for a flight into Denver.  (We were surprised to find that the new terminal at Santa Barbara was completed and in use). The goal of our trip was to check out the town of Parker, Colorado.  Which we did.  We've been talking about returning to Colorado and this was a recon trip of sorts.  We stayed with friends Judy and Mike and spent 3 days driving around by ourselves and with a realtor looking at houses and getting a feel for the area.  We liked what we saw, found a house that will work for us, and decided to make an offer.

Bottom line, we are now buying a house in Parker Colorado which we'll rent until we're able to sell our house out here.  We work fast when we set our minds to it!

(Photo of main terminal at DIA)

 Unfortunately, I have no photos of the house yet.  But I did take a photo of my daughter and her friend, Rebecca.  We met them for dinner one evening. 

And we had dinner with my friend Kathy, as well.

We'll have a busy year ahead of us getting our house in Templeton ready to sell, and moving to Parker, Colorado. We're excited!

Monday, August 15, 2011


We went to Morro Bay yesterday - it was foggy and cool in the morning, but the sun finally broke through about 1:00.  Some fishermen were cleaning their catch and had quite an audience of gulls and pelicans waiting for handouts.  I love pelicans - love to see them fly (they barely seem to flap their wings), dive, swim or just stand around. 

Then as we were turning into our driveway I noticed this mom and fawn duo under the plum tree in our yard.  Later on in the evening, there was another doe with an even younger fawn (still spotted) right outside my window.

Friday, August 12, 2011

And the Saga Continues

Well, no...I haven't been on the road in Arizona since May.  Chalk it up to blogger's block, inertia, laziness, whatever.  But I'll try to get up-to-date in one lengthy blog.  So, here goes.

We ended up our southwestern tour through Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada by spending the last couple of nights in Kanab at Stacy's vacation rental.  (http://www.vrbo.com/354399).  She's really getting it in shape, especially with the addition of a lovely deck which has a killer view of the beautiful red buttes.

We have been fortunate this summer in enjoying unusually cool weather, and lots of guests! 

Judy from Denver dropped by after Memorial Day and we enjoyed getting to catch up.

Barbie from Tulsa came for a week toward the end of June. 

Kristen from Denver was here the first part of July.

Judy must have had a good time in May, cause she returned the end of July along with her fiance Mike!

Activities included (in no certain order), and not limited to the following:  visits to wineries, walking on the beach, eating out, playing cards, attending the Templeton 4th of July Parade, eating out, playing golf, attending an outdoor play in Solvang, watching fireworks and picnicing at Pear Valley Winery, happy hour on the patio,  horseback riding, eating out, driving around sight-seeing, and eating out! 

Between guests we settled into our usual routine:  a little golf, eating out, watching Net Flix or our favorite tv shows that we tape (Damages, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Suits, etc.), reading, taking photos and experimenting with processing them in unusual ways, going to the art show in the park in Paso, checking out the Historical Museum in Paso, etc.  We also headed-up our annual Spanish Lakes garage sale the first Saturday in August.

My birthday present this year was an Apple i-pad2 and I am loving it!  I especially like the Nook, Kindle, and Overdrive apps which let me download books; as well as other nifty apps, such as the one where you can point your i-pad at the sky and it identifies stars!  Coolness.

I've also been busy with 365 Project - it's an internet place to post a photo a day.  Check mine out if you have time:  www.365Project.org/dala42

So, I'll sign off with a couple of my favorite photographs taken this summer!  And I'll try to keep this blog current!

 The Niner Winery at Heart Hill

Beachcombing with Kristen

 Hanging out with Kristen

Enjoying some lovely sunsets.

And I think that brings me up-to-date!