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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Times They Are A'Changing

Last week we drove down to Santa Barbara and hopped on a Frontier plane for a flight into Denver.  (We were surprised to find that the new terminal at Santa Barbara was completed and in use). The goal of our trip was to check out the town of Parker, Colorado.  Which we did.  We've been talking about returning to Colorado and this was a recon trip of sorts.  We stayed with friends Judy and Mike and spent 3 days driving around by ourselves and with a realtor looking at houses and getting a feel for the area.  We liked what we saw, found a house that will work for us, and decided to make an offer.

Bottom line, we are now buying a house in Parker Colorado which we'll rent until we're able to sell our house out here.  We work fast when we set our minds to it!

(Photo of main terminal at DIA)

 Unfortunately, I have no photos of the house yet.  But I did take a photo of my daughter and her friend, Rebecca.  We met them for dinner one evening. 

And we had dinner with my friend Kathy, as well.

We'll have a busy year ahead of us getting our house in Templeton ready to sell, and moving to Parker, Colorado. We're excited!

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