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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Another rainy day.....after church, we drove over to Cambria for lunch at Linn's.  Couldn't resist a few beach/sea photos.

All the rain has really "greened-up" the countryside. 

And the oak trees are festooned with lacy lichen

Down one windy narrow road there is a tree that serves as a neighborhood directory

On River Road we spied a flock of turkey buzzards drying out their wings.

And it's still raining!  I'll bet our golf game will be cancelled on Tuesday!


Kathy said...

Great pics! Love the beach shots ~ and of course the buzzards. At least you were close enough to tell they were really buzzards! They do have a beautiful, graceful flight with those big wings of theirs, don't they! Happy New Year.

Kath said...

Fab photos. Especially the lichen, as you know, I love the slightly eerie way it hangs from the branches.
Happy new Year to you and your lovely family.