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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My dad was born in Oklahoma in 1912.  He grew up in Henryetta, went to Henryetta High Schools (was on the football team), and went to the University of Oklahoma and majored in geology.  He came back to Henryetta to help run the coal mine that his father owned.  He was a great husband, dad and grandpa! For many summer we would drive up to Canada to go fishing.  He and mom would come to visit after I married and moved to Colorado.  He loved the mountains.  We would take many trips to all parts of Colorado and he especially liked to visit the old mining towns throughout the state.  He was always willing to go horseback riding with me, snowshoeing, camping.  He adored his grand daughter and spoiled her a lot!  He loved the outdoors, maps,  John Wayne movies, the west, fishing and boating, books, and most of all he loved his family.  He died in 1973 at the age of 61.....way too young.  We miss him.


When I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1964.

In Colorado 1966

Snowshoeing - 1968
Dad with Kristen along the Rio Grande River in Colorado - 1970
Colorado - 1965

1967 - St. Elmo, Colorado

1967 - Colorado
1966 - Oklahoma

With Kristen - about 1972 or 1973

Horseback riding in Wyoming - about 1963

Happy Father's Day Dad


Kath said...

I too, lost my Dad aged just 61 and I miss him every day, as I'm sure you miss your lovely Dad. I loved the photos, he certainly looked like a Man who loved his family very much. I'm sure our Dads are very proud of us, as they look down on us all. XX

Janie said...

I enjoyed that so much! I had never seen a picture of your Dad..... thanks for sharing!