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Friday, June 25, 2010

Class of 1960 - 50th Reunion

Golfing in Paso

Our Club Championship tournament started on Thursday.  It's a 3-day tournament.  Clouds kept the temps down, and it was a very pleasant day to play golf.  My game was mediocre but two rather unusual and interesting events occurred.

#1  One of the gals in my foursome (Clare Shaffer, our club president) made a hole-in-one on #17 - a 172 yard par 3 hole.  It was her first hole-in-one!  We knew it was a very good drive, but didn't realize it went into the hole until we walked up and could not spot it on the green and peeked into the hole! 

#2  The 1st day leader, Helen Bourquin, shot an 85.  An impressive score, made more special by the fact that Helen is 85 years young!  I don't know how often that happens, but I don't think it occurs very often!

Congratulations to both Clare and Helen!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My dad was born in Oklahoma in 1912.  He grew up in Henryetta, went to Henryetta High Schools (was on the football team), and went to the University of Oklahoma and majored in geology.  He came back to Henryetta to help run the coal mine that his father owned.  He was a great husband, dad and grandpa! For many summer we would drive up to Canada to go fishing.  He and mom would come to visit after I married and moved to Colorado.  He loved the mountains.  We would take many trips to all parts of Colorado and he especially liked to visit the old mining towns throughout the state.  He was always willing to go horseback riding with me, snowshoeing, camping.  He adored his grand daughter and spoiled her a lot!  He loved the outdoors, maps,  John Wayne movies, the west, fishing and boating, books, and most of all he loved his family.  He died in 1973 at the age of 61.....way too young.  We miss him.


When I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1964.

In Colorado 1966

Snowshoeing - 1968
Dad with Kristen along the Rio Grande River in Colorado - 1970
Colorado - 1965

1967 - St. Elmo, Colorado

1967 - Colorado
1966 - Oklahoma

With Kristen - about 1972 or 1973

Horseback riding in Wyoming - about 1963

Happy Father's Day Dad

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time Flies

56 years ago we posed for this photo on the steps in front of Webster Elementary School in Henryetta, Oklahoma.  (I'm in the second row with the little bow-tie). 

Last Saturday these Webster graduates posed again on these steps leading up to the vacant lot where Webster once stood!  We lasted longer than the school did!

The Henryetta High School Class of 1960 had 85 graduates.  49 alumni showed up this last weekend to celebrate our 50th Class Reunion!  We came from North Carolina, New York, Washington, California, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and of course Oklahoma.  We came to reminise about growing up in the 50's when life seemed simplier and less complicated.   Some of us left, some stayed, but we all shared that special bond of being young during the 50's, and agreed that growing up in a small town during that time was not too bad!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Henryetta Slideshow

I just ran across this video about Henryetta, and since I'm traveling down "Memory Lane", thought I would post it. 

High School Reunion

Give me a H
Give me a E
Give me a N
Give me a S
What does it spell?

Hens, Hens, Hens

Well, 50 years ago I was graduating from Henryetta High School, in Henryetta, Oklahoma.
Our school mascot was the Fighting Hens!  (It was changed in the 80's to the Knights, but it will always be the Hens to those of us who graduated before then! )

On Wednesday I'm hopping on a plane and heading for Oklahoma to attend our Golden Reunion!  (I'm taking my mom with me to see that I behave myself! - She graduated from Henryetta High School in 1932 and my dad graduated in 1929! - They were both "Hens", too!) 

I was a cheerleader;  in the Junior and Senior Plays (Pride and Predjudice & Our Town); Girl's State representative; F.H.A.; Vice-President of our Senior Class.  If it sounds like I was an over-achiever, you must realize that Henryetta was a small town, and our graduating class had only about 90 students.(Including an exchange student from Holland.), plus in a small town there wasn't much else to do!!!!

I'm looking forward to getting to visit with friends that I've kept in touch with all those years, and with classmates that I haven't seen since then!  I'm sure we haven't changed much! 

Go Hens!

A white sports coat, and a pink carnation - dancing at the prom!