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Monday, August 9, 2010

Holy Chilies

A small wall hanging (about 8" x 8")

I scanned my photo of "Chimayo Holy Chilies" onto cloth, then sewed it to a gold background.  Free motion stitching with metallic threads, vintage lace, rickrack, old jewelery, hand rolled paper beads, old buttons with bead dangles.  Click on photo for a larger view.


Kath said...

Oh DAnna, I absolutely love this! The colours are gorgeous and the texture is glorious. It makes me want to touch!
The hanger is very sepcial, I would love to get soemthing like that in England, we are waaay behind you American gals with our craft supplies. So where will you display this work in your home?

DAnna Lawson said...

Thank you, Kath. I was pleased with how it turned out. My things are very loosely planned....never really know how they will turn out...just keep adding things until I think it's "done".

Actually, I made this for my daughter, so it has been sent to Denver, Colorado.

The hanger I found at a nearby fabric shop...it is hard to find interestng "hangers", but this shop carries the small wire ones most of the time.