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Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Evening at Pomar Junction Winery

This evening we visited Pomar Junction Winery to sit under the oak trees, listen to some mellow music, snack a bit, and of course enjoy some wine.  Grab a glass of wine and join us!

Pomar Junction is located where El Pomar and South El Pomar intersect, east of Templeton and about 4 miles from our house.

Merlot grapes

Our little picnic table

Colorful bottles

Roger, Miss Charlene, and Vic

Tom, Joanne and Barbara

The winery has a railroad theme, with several old railroad cars and signs, and sell these cute little rubber ducks in the gift shop.
We appreciated the large shady trees.

Time to go home!

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Judy D said...

Salute! Looks like another fab evening with family, friends, wine and location, location, location! J