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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Bluebirds

Well, raising a brood of bluebirds is no easy job!  Mom and Pop Bluebird have been constantly looking for tasty morsels for their hungry babies!  The babies are very vocal, and whenever one of the parents brings back a bug or worm, they're right at the door, mouths wide open!  There are at least 4 babies.  I watched them for about 30 minutes yesterday evening....they are very good parents - flying out to look for food, and bringing a variety of offerings back to their noisy offspring. 

This is a nice, big juicy flying thing....I'll bet my babies will like it!

Okay, which one got the last bug?

Open wide....you'll love this fat worm!

I just can't seem to fill them up!

Guess we'll have to keep this up all night!

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