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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carnegie Libraries

Between 1883 and 1929 Andrew Carnegie donated approximately $40 Million dollars for the construction of library buildings.  1,689 library were built in the United States, 660 in Britain and Ireland, 156 in Canada, and others in Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, the Caribbean and Fiji.  The funds, intended for the construction of the building, were to be matched by the communities for the purchase of books, staff, and upkeep. 

These libraries were unique in that they utilized open stacks, which encouraged people to browse.  Up to that time patrons had to ask a clerk to retrieve books from closed stacks.  More than half of these buildings in the United States still serve their communities as libraries. 

Paso Robles has one of the Carnegie Library buildings proudly sitting in the park in the middle of town.  It was opened in 1908 and served as the library until 1998 when a new library was built across the street.  The building today serves as the Historical Museum.  It was damaged in the 2003 San Simeon earthquake and was closed for several years while it was retrofitted. 

The architect of the classical revival style building was W.H. Weeks.  The building is constructed of rosy brick with gray stone trim and is surrounded by large oaks, exemplifing the Carnegie "temple in the park" concept.  It was added to the Nat'l Register of Historic Places in 1998.

W. H. Weeks was also the architect for the Carnegie Library in San Luis Obispo which opened in 1905 and remained a library until 1955.  It is used today as a museum.  This Romanesque style building was built of red brick, Los Berros Yellow Sandstone, and Bishop's Peak Granite for it's foundation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unusual Animals

I received these two photos as a forwarded email today, so I don't know who to acknowledge for the photos, but thought they were both so unusual I wanted to share.  The little fellow below is called "Zonkey"!  I want one!

And here is an albino moose!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I don't usually get in photos since I'm the one taking them, but today Tom took a photo of me in the field between our house and our neighbor's house.  When we get enough winter rain, there are thousands of beautiful lupines blooming out there!  And this year we got rain!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now and Then

In March of 1983 I traveled to China with my good friend, Pat.  26 years later in October of 2009 I again went to China, this time with my husband, Tom.  We went to many of the same cities, and saw many of the same sites.  I have gone through many of my slides from 1983 and scanned them to my computer, and will match them up where I can.  This first match-up is at the Great Wall about an hour or so out of Beijing. 

1983 @ the Great Wall

2009 @ the Great Wall

Welcome Spring

Our neighbor's yard is ablaze in poppies!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Other Blog

I have been experimenting with altering my photos and have been entering various photo challenges on  other blogs out there in cyber space, so I decided I needed a format for those.  I also wanted to experiment with the blog format - mainly being able to enlarge the photos on my blog.  With those goals in mind, I have started a new blog, where I showcase a photo (or maybe two) a day, perhaps adding a quote or poem.  That being said, if you have time, you might want to click on my  new blog.  Thanks for looking.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge

I'm participating in the Community Photo Challenge - Trees. 
These photos were both taken in back of my house in the winter time. 
To see other entries, click here

Winter Oaks Draped in Moss


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just entered this photo of my sweet kitty, Puddy, in the Pioneer Woman Photography contest on Flickr.  Puddy was a stray that wandered into the elementary school where I taught  back in the early 80's (actually, she was brought in by a 2nd grade student who said "Look what followed me to school!".  She was bedraggled and scared, and I was talked into taking her home "just for the weekend"!  I had 2 Boston Terriers, and didn't think they would stand for a kitten to be added to the family.  When they rushed up to her, she puffed up to about twice her size (still not very big) and hissed and swatted their noses....and the rest is history.  She ruled the house for the next 14 years, outliving both of the dogs.  Once she grew up, we figured she had some Maine Coon in her....she was a large gal, with long hair, and was a very laid back cat.  She was a treasure.  She passed away a month or so before we moved from Colorado to California.  I miss my Puddy cat! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Continuing to experiement with collages...this one is from Smilebox.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Unexpected Visitor

This handsome fellow was by our front door this morning.  Since I already have my prince, I don't need to give him a kiss, but he's still there if any of your single ladies want to have a go at finding your prince!

Mosaic Fun

Trying out something new.  Creating collages or mosaics.