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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now and Then

In March of 1983 I traveled to China with my good friend, Pat.  26 years later in October of 2009 I again went to China, this time with my husband, Tom.  We went to many of the same cities, and saw many of the same sites.  I have gone through many of my slides from 1983 and scanned them to my computer, and will match them up where I can.  This first match-up is at the Great Wall about an hour or so out of Beijing. 

1983 @ the Great Wall

2009 @ the Great Wall


Kath said...

That must have been quite a trip, that wonderful work is so impressive, to think it was all built by hand.

DAnna said...

It's amazing what you can build if cost if no problem, and you have all of the workers you need! And no time limit! (And no committees!)