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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Love Netflix

We watched a really good movie on Netflix last night - "Outsourced".  It was released several years ago, but I had never heard of it and was pleasantly surprised when we viewed it.  Here are some reviews.

“Outsourced is a thoughtful satire that looks at the human face beyond contemporary frustrations associated with the global economy….The gentle but illuminating Outsourced proves the story, as long as it's told well, never gets old.”  Seattle Times

“One of those unexpected gems that seems to pop up out of nowhere, Outsourced is a timely, topical comedy that mines the rich vein of globalization and its discontents with sharp, observant wit and a wonderfully light touch.”  The Washington Post

“The story is well written and filled with humor. Outsourcing is a part of life and this story brings it front and center. But the story isn't all there is to this movie. The characters are delightful and enjoyable to watch. Combining American and Indian culture is fun in itself, but how do you explain branding cows to people who put the animals on pedestals?”  Movieweb


Janie Taylor said...

I love netflix too! Have already added this movie to my queue!!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

Janie Taylor said...

To Kath.....do they have netflix in England?