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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Images from the Past

I received a film scanner awhile back, and have been wanting to scan my slides so I could get them on the computer. Some of the slides date back to the 40's - and aren't in very good shape. The editing program I have is very limited, so I can't do much to fix them, but they are filled with wondeful memories, so I'll keep them, even though they are spotty, grainy, out of focus, etc. I'll be posting some of my favorities.

A dance recital - I was the bee. We had wonderful costumes - all made by the moms. (I always had lots of choices when I wanted to dress up for Halloween! My favorite costume was a zebra costume!) I took dancing lessons from about the age of 5 all the way through high school - my teacher's name was Phi Delta Neal (no kidding!).

Mom always decorated the house for Christmas. Love her stylist suit and hat. You can barely see the teddy bear in the photo, but he made it through my childhood, and my daughter's, and currently resides in a chair in my bedroom! He lost an eye somewhere along the way, which was replaced with one of a different color, and has bare (bear) patches, but he's still with me. (If you click on the photo, it enlarges and you can see how beautiful he was!) I actually still have that bookcase in the background, too. Those drapes look rather shabby chic, don't you think?
My handsome parents, probably taken around 1944-45. Wasn't my dad stylist in his 2-tone jacket and bright blue tie!

And a favorite photo of my mom in her square dancing dress (which she made). These had yards and yards of rick-rack and decorative trim, and were very colorful and beautiful. She would also make a matching shirt for my dad. They looked so dashing! I don't know how many of these she made. I still have one (does that surprise anyone?) Of course, I can't begin to get into it, but it looks really nifty hanging on the back of the door in my western themed guest room!

What fun to go through these photos. I'm sure I haven't seen these in many, many years, even though I still have the old slide projector up in the closet. It used to be fun to set up the projector and the screen, and have a slide show, but we haven't done that in ages. It will be much easier to enjoy the photos once I get them on the computer!


Kath said...

How wonderful to have those snap shots into the past! And weren't the ladies slim and petite in those days! I only have a photo of Mum and Dads wedding, then a big gap until my Brother and I were 6 and 2 years old. I guess they didnt own a camera in between. I articularly like the beautiful western dress. Did your Mum have a sewing machine?KATH X


OH, I just love seeing old photos. I wished that there would have been more around in our family.