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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate Cakes, cactus, and colorful leaves

Saturday was the annual holiday bazaar at our church in Morro Bay, so I baked some Black Russian Cakes to take and we loaded up the car and headed toward Morro Bay. These are delicious cakes - and so easy to make. (I sold one before I got out of the house.)

Afterwards, we headed home the "scenic" route (Highway 1 north, then Highway 46 east), stopping along the way to snap some photos. I was fascinated by these cactus (cacti?) along Villa Creek.

Harmony is a very tiny place (that's an old sign, so I doubt there are even 18 people living there now). Must be hard to live in Harmony.

This is a view off Highway 46 looking toward Morro Bay - notice the hills are getting a little greener thanks to that nice rain about a month ago.

And there's Morro Bay way off in the distance.

Turning off on Vineyard Drive, we passed some very colorful vineyards. This is about the only fall color around these parts as the native oaks either stay green all year, or turn brown and drop their leaves, depending on the variety.

And then home for lunch - we bought some chili at the bazaar, scrambled some eggs, topped them with the chili and cheese....pretty yummy. Oh yes, we bought 3 pieces of homemade coconut cream pie for dessert! Even yummier.


Janie Taylor said...

What a lovely day indeed!

Kath said...

Fabulous photos and coconut cream pie? SOunds like heaven on a plate to me!