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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birdie CPR or It's A Jungle Out There!

What happens when this

is looking for breakfast, and spies these plump quail?

The hawk swooped down on a covey of quail yesterday morning, causing great alarm amongst the quail. They took off in all directions. Unfortunately, one of them flew into our window. We thought he was a goner, but this time luck was on his side. We stood guard (in case the hawk came back, or our cat decided to investigate) as he slowly revived, shakily stood up, and staggered off. Hope he looks where he's going before taking off next time!

Here's the lucky fellow! A happy ending, this time. (Unless, of course, you were cheering for the hawk!)
I got the first two photos from the Spanish Lakes website - http://www.spanishlakes.org/
they were taken by my neighbors, the Munks. I took the last photo. Check out the photo section of the Spanish Lakes site - lots of neat photos of the flora and fauna of our little section of the world.


Kath said...

Now I know what is meant by having ones feathers ruffled! Kath x

DAnna Lawson said...

Ha! Not only ruffled, but stuck all over the window! And I think he probably had a doozy of a headache!