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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mommie Deerest

Mama Deer has been coming by our yard nearly every day with her two adorable twin fawns. She shows them where the juiciest shrubs and plants are in our yard, just perfect for a little snack.

They still have their spots!
Isn't this little guy cute!!! I think he could almost fly with those big ears.


Kath said...

Hi DAnna, thankyou for those wonderful pics, yes I did smile at the Dumbo ears on the baby. I was wondering if they eat your garden plants, have you given up trying to grow flowers? Kath in England

DAnna said...

Hi Kath, Yes they do indeed eat our flowers but we plant them anyway! We try to grow those plants that the garden books say they don't like, but that doesn't always work. (I guess they don't read too well). We have a product called "Liquid Fence" that we spray on the plants which works pretty well (it's really stinky). I've given up trying to grow veggies - go to the farmers' market instead.