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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yes, we've had "weather".  It's been raining off and on (mostly on) for a week - so far the total rainfall (collected in our garden) has been 5.40 inches.  Not bad.  The Salinas River, which normally is just sand and bushes is running bank to bank with muddy water!  And the little dry creek behind our house actually has some water running in it!

Casey, who loves to spend her days outside prowling and sleeping in the sun, has not been pleased with becoming a "house-cat".

The storm passed over Monday afternoon and we were lucky enough to be able to view the lunar eclipse.  My photos aren't very good - don't have a powerful enough zoom, but here's a little sequence.

And this is my favorite....couldn't hold the camera steady, but I like the results nevertheless.

Little orange mushroom like plants have sprung up all over the entryway into Spanish Lakes.

This afternoon the sun was shining while it was raining

and we had a lovely sunset.

Next storm is due in a couple of days - just in time for Christmas! 
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful season!


Kathy said...

Last night's news from California was not good. Hope you're still above water at your place. I don't think those are "mushroom-like" plants ~ I think they're the real thing! Loved your photos of them.

Wishing you a dry holiday full of laughter and love.

Janie Taylor said...

We enjoyed your Xmas card and newsy letter! Happy New Year too! Seems the weather has been crazy everywhere but here....it got up to 72 yesterday? As always, your photos are masterpieces of art :) XOXO