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Sunday, October 17, 2010

On The Road Again (Part 2) - 3 Days in Denver

Denver is looking quite vibrant, with a nice mix of old buildings and contemporary ones.  Lots of restoration in some of the dreary old sections of town.  While Tom played golf, Kristen, mom and I had brunch in North Denver and were joined by several of Kristen's friends.  Afterwards we had a tour of Riverside Cemetary, the original Denver cementary which has many interesting statues and tombstones.  I've tried to give them a spooky look since it's almost Halloween!

We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - The Fort, which is in Morrison, Colorado, in the foothills above Denver.  It was built to resemble Bent's Fort which was built in 1840 near La Junta, Colorado  and was a fur trading post where trappers and Indians could meet to trade.  So it specializes in game and cuisine of the old west.  There used to be a live bear in the courtyard, but it's been replaced with a bear statue.   We had quail, elk, buffalo and trout - yummy, while watching the lights of Denver.

An unexpected treat was a trip to the Denver Art Museum where we toured the King Tut Exhibit.  The Art Museum has doubled in size since I lived in Denver - it's quite impressive.  Downtown Denver has certainly changed since I worked down there in 1966!

The capitol building has a real gold dome!

And of course, the main reason for a trip to Denver was to get to visit with my daughter, Kristen!

Next - south to New Mexico!

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