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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 3 of Our Trip

We spent the 3rd day of our trip (the 4th of July) watching the parade in the small town of Columbia.  Columbia was a California gold rush boom town founded in 1850 that lives on as a state preserved historic park and a National Historic Landmark.  We found a bench on the shady side of the street and watched the parade go by.  It was a typical small town parade, but with a historic slant. 

This gentleman was across the street from us and entertained people with his impromptu songs.

After lunch in Sonora, we meandered back roads and got hopelessly lost on the unmarked dirt roads trying to reach Twain Harte, a small vacation community about 15 miles east of Sonora.  Named after Mark Twain, and Bret Harte, 2 authors who wrore of the gold rush, it is a picturesque little village (we did finally find it!).  

The next day we headed for State Highway 49 and home (with a stop in Oakhurst at a favorite barbeque cafe!).

The End.

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