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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Sunny

My sweet beautiful Sunny had to go to the Vet yesterday to have a small growth removed from above his eye.  While he was "under" they cleaned his teeth as well.  He is convalescing at home and not liking us much at this point.  I do believe his modeling career might be over!  (Unless they need a "tough" cat model).

His doctor assures us he will be good as new in a couple of weeks!  The worst thing is giving him his medicine (in an eyedropper) twice a day! 


Kath said...

Ah poor boy, he does look out of sorts. Get Well Soon Sunny!

DAnna Lawson said...

He seems to be feeling better....his appetite has returned, and he has taken off the plastic collar he's supposed to wear (and which he hates with a passion) and hidden it somewhere in the house. The strange thing is our other cat will have absolutely nothing to do with him now, and hisses whenever he tries to get near her.