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Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's No Bull

Oh, wait, actually, it is a bull! And my daughter, Kristen seems to be riding it! She recently went to the National Western Stock Show, which is held every January in Denver, Colorado, and sent me this photo of her and Max, the Brahma Bull. She said that Max was very soft and warm.

The National Western Stock Show has been going on in Denver since 1906 and is a very big deal in Colorado, drawing attendees and participants from all over the west. You'll find just about any kind of animal that's being raised on ranches and farms throughout the western US. There are rodeos, horse shows, performing animals, parades, roping, judging of animals, farm and ranch exhibits, art, and it goes on for about 2 weeks! And there are hundreds of thousands of people!!!!

Had to include this photo of Jim Shoulders, "All Around National Western Cowboy and Rodeo Legend". Jim won 5 All Around Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association Championships, 7 Bull Riding Championships, and 4 Bareback Riding Crowns. And broke nearly every bone in his body. He's from my home town of Henryetta, Oklahoma. This photo was taken in 1958.

You'll see bison


working dogs (and sheep)

Mules and donkeys,
And of course horses, cattle, pigs, goats, etc. etc.
And it's got to be cold! I mean really cold, during the stock show. Everyone expects it!

All of the photos, with the exception of the first one, were taken from the National Western Stock Show website.


Kath said...

ooh, Max looks like he is made of velvet! I love the alpacas, they are very popluar here in England for their wool to spin and weave. Lovely photos!

DAnna Lawson said...

Those alpacas are just so darn cute! Even when they are grown up! Llamas and alpacs are popular to raise around here, too, for their wool.