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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Walk Along Moonstone Beach

We enjoyed a walk on the boardwalk along Moonstone Beach in Cambria the other day. Mom rode her scooter and was snug and warm in her new leopard "Snuggie". Cambria is one of our favorite places to visit when Kristen is here!

It was cloudy, but not too cold,

The boardwalk goes for about a mile or so along the beach,

and there are several places where you can walk down to the beach to check out the tide pools or just walk on the beach.


Time to head for the car and some lunch!


Kath said...

Gorgeous photos as always. The last one gave ma a little lump in my throat, as Kristen walked beside her Granma. I wonder if you felt the same way when you took it? Kx


Made me want to walk along the beach too! Right now I walk beside a muddy creek. lol