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Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Played!

Yesterday we drove up to Carmel to play golf at Rancho Canada Golf Course. The day before had been a scorcher...100 degree temps up and down the coast, but yesterday was foggy and cool, actually not bad weather for golf. The course is beautiful, laid out along the Carmel River, which we crossed several times. The cottonwoods were "cottoning" and it looked like snow on some of the greens and the Pride of Madera and rhoddies were in bloom. After golf, we drove "up valley" to the very small community of Carmel Valley Village and had dinner at a great little cafe. Then the 2 hour drive home. A very nice day. That's such a beautiful area.

A beautiful pink rododendron

A par three over the river... I made it over!

From the 1st hole

Pride of Madera

DAnna and Tom at #18


Kath said...

100 DEGREES! Never heard of occurence in damp old England. I did smile at the road sign, maybe a visit to one, ensures good luck at the other! Lovely photos, thankyou for sharing them with us. Kath x

DAnna said...

I have discovered that I find occasion to pray while on the golf course! (Not that is seems to do much good!)